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Why Was Midrin® Discontinued?

Midrin® was originally manufactured by the company Caraco and was discontinued in October of 2009. There are several factors that led up to the discontinuation of Midrin® including that Caraco had a hard time getting the ingredients used for Midrin®, there was a manufacturing problem, and patients had a difficult time getting the medication in their pharmacies(1). The primary factor leading to Midrin’s® discontinuation however, seems to be problems with how Midrin® was manufactured(1).

The FDA seized medications including Midrin® and its ingredients from Caraco because their manufacturing processes did not comply with FDA mandated regulations(2). Midrin® was on the market before certain FDA approval requirements(3). It was taken off the market because it did not comply with the FDA approval requirements that were put in place(3). There are no actual generics for Midrin® because it is not approved(4). The “generics” available were just other medications with similar ingredients(4).

The FDA classified Midrin® with a “less than effective indication,” meaning it is possibly effective(5). Many patients liked Midrin® because of the small amount of side effects and cost effectiveness compared to other medications(5). Unfortunately, Midrin® was never placed back on the market, likely because of the amount of money it would take to get FDA approval for it, and because there are other medication options that have “replaced” Midrin®. However, for patients that experienced successful results with Midrin® a few compounding pharmacies have been able to compound capsules using the same quantities of the active ingredients found in Midrin®. Compounding pharmacies have been known to fill in the gap when drugs are discontinued or hard to find. Feel free to click on the "Find A Pharmacy" link at the top of this page for a list of compounding pharmacies that are providing patients with this valuable alternative.


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